Refreshed online learning experience coming this month!

Refreshed online learning experience coming this month!

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Dairy Australia's online learning site - Moodle - is getting a refresh to bring you a more user-friendly, interactive and personalised learning experience.

Our Learning Management System, Moodle, will have a new identity - Enlight - which goes live at 12pm Thursday 27th February.

Works on Enlight include an upgrade and addition of support content for learners and facilitators.  All information currently in Moodle will be retained, but will be presented in a new and engaging format that realises the potential features of Moodle.

Between Monday 24th and Wednesday 26th February inclusive, Moodle access will be closed whilst we work to bring you a better learning site.

Once Enlight is released, you will be provided with an online training module that gives an overview of the new features, and access to trouble shooting guides.  While Enlight looks refreshed, the core features of the site are the same, and we anticipate that the new site will be easier to navigate and support you better.  If you do have any issues with using the new site, you are able to email us for support at:

Enlight will be accessible at the same place where Moodle currently is:

For enquiries on the Moodle Upgrade and the Learning and Capability Development Strategy, please don’t hesitate to contact the Manager of Learning and Development, Felicity Blackstock (