Program Overview

The program is a 4-week fully online learning experience that supports you to develop a transition feeding plan for improving milk production and reproductive performance and reducing the risk of herd health issues around calving time.
Topics covered include:
  • Assessing the herd
  • Transition feeding approaches
  • Creating a transition feeding program
  • Creating MY Transition Feeding Program

Online Duration: 4 weeks

At the end of this program, you will be able to...

  • Assess the health of your herd at calving time, and know which diseases can be prevented by a good transition cow program
  • Describe the various approaches to transition feeding programs
  • Understand the influence of diet on the risk of developing milk fever and other cow health problems during calving time
  • Identify dietary requirements of heifers and cows during the transition period
  • Develop, improve and implement transition cow feeding programs for your farm business
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your transition cow feeding program in reducing cow health problems and improving milk production and reproductive performance

How do I sign up to participate? Contact your local region

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