Program Overview
Rearing Healthy Calves is a two part learning program (fundamentals and advanced) delivered fully online or face-to-face, with sessions targeted at dairy farm employees with responsibility for calf rearing and decision makers.
Part One (Fundamentals) is a fundamentals session for employee onboarding in farm safety, animal welfare, and guidance for employees to excel in a role as a calf rearer.
Part Two (Advanced) is an advanced session for decision makers, and explores building a well-functioning team, the economics of calf rearing, and how to support calf rearers in exceling in their roles. Part two also consists of a self-paced online component with additional material for participants to complete either prior to or following attending either an online or face-to-face advanced sessions.
Participants can elect to participate in either session face-to-face, and will also be available online soon.
It is a prerequisite of the advanced program that participants have completed the fundamentals program.


How do I sign up to participate? Contact your local region

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