Program Overview

This two-day workshop focuses on strategic planning, business structure and having what it takes to operate an efficient and 'investment ready' farm business.

Participants are encouraged to work 'above the line' and to think strategically about their business goals.

Governance applies to all farming businesses regardless of size, structure or the stage of development.

It clarifies roles and responsibilities, direction, purpose and enables improved, informed decision making.

As businesses grow or change - and more people become involved - governance needs to address more complex issues.

Understanding governance empowers owners, manager and directors to make better decisions, using frameworks and approaches to direct where the business is heading.

‘Taking your business to the next level’ business governance and investors in dairy farming is a two day, interactive workshop focused on strategic business planning and decision making.

Delivery Mode: Face-to-Face  Duration: 2 days

At the end of this program, you will be able to...

  • implement effective business governance principles into your business irrespective of ownership structure; family-owned, equity partnership, joint venture or corporate ownership.
  • differentiate between operational and strategic thinking and how to implement strategic planning within your business, including taking your team on the journey.

How do I sign up to participate? Contact your local region

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