Program Overview

Lameness is one of the biggest underestimated costs to herd productivity for Australian dairy farmers.

It is a painful condition for cows and can reduce their mobility and feed intake, which in turn reduces their milk production.

It is, however, something that can be minimised through good management.

This workshop is in two parts. During the morning session you will learn about:

  • Costs of lameness
  • Minimising lameness with good stockmanship and handling
  • Identifying a lame cow and lameness scoring
  • Restraint, examination and tools
  • Types of lameness and treatment

In the afternoon session there will be the opportunity to practice practical lameness treatment techniques at a nearby farm.

  Duration: 1 day

At the end of this program, you will be able to...

  • apply the best methods for lifting a cows leg and restraining it
  • pare a cows foot
  • apply blocks to hooves

How do I sign up to participate? Contact your local region

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