Program Overview

This five-day series hosted on-farm will take participants through everything which needs to be considered to build an effective herd reproductive management plan and improve the farm’s fertility. 

The InCharge fertility course is for dairy owners, sharefarmers, managers and service providers.

It runs over a five-week period with participants meeting one day per week. It involves two days of on-farm discussion group learning and three days of classroom learning.

  • Day 1, on-farm: This day demonstrates the impact reproductive performance has on the operation of a farm. Participants look how reproduction performance can be used to exploit the natural characteristics of a farm and consider how manipulation of reproductive performance can assist in achieving farmers goals.
  • Day 2, classroom: Participants look at how submission rates, heat detection, conception rates and calving pattern affect herd reproductive performance.
  • Day 3, classroom: Synchrony programs, bull fertility, replacement heifers and cow health are topics addressed on this day.
  • Day 4, classroom: This day is devoted to transition cow management.
  • Day 5, on-farm: On this day, participants put the knowledge that they have learnt through the course into practice. They analyse the farm's past reproductive performance and look for opportunities for improvement. Genetics and body condition scoring are also covered on this day.

  Duration: 5 days

How do I sign up to participate? Contact your local region

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